Friday, February 19, 2010

The Algae Crew

In the ongoing effort to battle algae, we noted
we moved the fish-rack and reduced the photo-period.
Now we are adding Nerite snails in the 10g:view;
the tank with the worst problems.

This is our Olive Nerite, or rather our 'eggplant' nerite as you can see.  He/She has
been in the tank for about ten days and has been busy munching his/her way through the algae on the glass and banana plant.  Not in an orderly way we note but
the job is getting done.

Yesterday two Tiger Nerites arrived to assist.  They slid out of the fish bag, piggyback.  Safety in numbers.  Once out of the bag they went their separate ways to avoid the hunter b. splendens who could care less for a change.  Both found something interesting to do in short order as you will see.

One made it's way to the back of the tank, post haste.  This one found the Radican Marble Queen to be a comfortable place to rest and then was off on it's own journey.  Both have been seen sampling on the glass in the last ten or so hours.
 One more Olive and a Tiger are on their way to join their mates, shortly.
There are new plants in the shrimparium, received a week or so ago.  However, due to an out of town convention, no shots are available at this time.  Updates to come when the new livestock arrives in the next two or three days.

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