Saturday, May 22, 2010

Follow Up: Bed Bug Detection, low tech

For those who are skeptical about DIYCO2 rigs attracting bed bugs, we have a little vid backing our claim in the form of a Bed Bug Detector.  This product is designed to attract bed bugs in apartments, houses or rooms suspected of being infested.

It uses the same method as a DIYCO2 rig; however instead of running the air hose to your tanks, you run it to a little tray designed to trap bed bugs for confirmation of infestation.  The manufacturers are still testing but we already know it will work.  Our leaking CO2 rig was the beacon that put out the welcome mat in our previously clean apartment.  It took about six months for our apartment to become infested after beginning to use a DIYCO2 rig, in a building that already had a problem.

We should note, we have no financial arrangements with the company or Jeff White.  We came across his product review in a forum we belong to while researching.  Without further adieu, we give you the Bed Bug Detection system {aka a very familiar rig}

Bed Bug Detection.

We also admit to getting a hearty laugh because we have had some skeptics poo-poo the theory of CO2 injection having anything to do with our infestation.  We stand vindicated; by the bug-guys and now Jeff, White.  Thanks Jeff.

Link to original post: May 16, 2010

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