Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Planted Tank Inspiration

giypsy ~ December 16, 2009

During the process of re-learning good fish-keeping habits, I ran across a tank that brought back memories of the first serious tank I kept as an adolescent. Jason Baliban's Second Place winner in the 2008 AGA [] contest: "Meander". Jason's tank had all the elements that inspired me; large enough to accommodate a full scene, rimless and endless view, simple balanced design. I was enchanted and inspired.

The 10g tank-with-a-view is a direct result of that inspiration.

The tank is placed in front of a narrow window, allowing me the same endless view through the tank. The 10g:view tank's planting scheme has not come together yet. The end result will be different than "Meander". However; I just had to know if I could achieve something similar on a scale one tenth of the size Jason used.

Time and patience will tell.

  • Radican Marble Queen, mother plant & daughter plant
  • Cryptocoryne Lutea
  • Banana Plant
  • Anubis Petit nana
  • Betta Splendens, female
  • 3 Neon Tetra, fry in a nursery tank
  • 3 White Cloud Mountain minnows
  • 12 Malaysian Trumpet snails

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