Monday, September 5, 2011

Tools: Aquarium CO2 Calculator

This tool comes from a discussion in forums posted by D9vin: the Aquarium CO2 calculator on the website.

If you have instituted a regimen of fertilizing your plants, have sufficient light and are disappointed with growth, this tool may provide an answer to part of the equation.  The function of plants in the aquarium aside from being aesthetically pleasing, is to help balance the environment.  Plants inhale dissolved CO2 from the water and take C02 up from the roots.  They exhale O2 which in turn is used by the livestock and the cycle repeats as long as there is balance.

For those of you who are beyond the pretty-fish-in-the-tank stage, the tools we list in the Toollbox tab give you the ability to get the answers to aquarium issues efficiently, so you can get back to what you really love; enjoying your hard work

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